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>> from is the fox report. tonight they ignore the united states and the restest world. but tonight iran receiving an invitation from the obama administration. but there is one condition. and an american mom who vanished a half world away found dead.
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she is no longer miss the government of tirk going after her killer and rounding up people who may know what happened to her. the fox report and the latest on the investigation of her disappearance and murder . prank calls that go too far targeting some of the biggest name necessary entertainment n their home orend us crimes and how the odd and very mean trend cost taxpayers and the new push to stop it >> also, she represented all americans with pride and distinction in the summer olympics and ultimately bringing home the gold and making history in the process. my sit down interview with gymist grabby douglas. >>im harris faulkner. they defied the rules and at this hour iranians are invited to table by vice-president biden saying the u.s. is
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stands to hold talks with iran over the nuclear program. he laid out plans for diplomacy and comes with a warning and condition and iran must be serious about this opportunity. >> we made it clear in the outset that we would not -- we would be prepared to meet bilaterally with the iranian leadership and that offer stand and must be real and tangible and an agenda that they are prepared to speak to and not just for the exercise. this is it iran that escalated tensions and announced plans for the ramping up of the uranium enrinchment program. molly henningburg live with the information tonight . what happens now . it takes two to have bilateral
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talks. the u.s. is ready and waiting to hear from iranian leadership. and there is still time for diplomacy to suke seed. the ball is in the government of iran's court. >> and previous discussions between iran and five permanent members . un security counselhaven't gone much to stem the development and ahmadinejad and said the program is for peaceful purposings. they believe iran is trying to build a nuclear arsnil and will add new machines to speed up enrinchment much uranium. >> what are the chance that the talks could happen? >> if the past is any indication it is not likely. iran hasn't shown true interest in coming to the table. >> they haven't been in the previous years.
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previous eight years of the bush administration and previous eight years in the clinton administration and i can continue to go back. don't think they are about negotiating it just them more time. >> the general said the u.s. and other nations is this use covert operations to force the development. >> molly, thank you very much. meanwhile iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad unveiled a fighter jet. dominant 313. a fighter developed in iran which can evade radar. the plane is capable much short take offs and extreme maneuvability in lowaltitude it is the third fighter jet and meant to bolster their air force which is comprised of a handful of american and russian jets. >> the american mom miss
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nothing turkey is dead. police are saying the 33 year old mother of two was found dead in istanbul. the last time her family here in new york city heard from her was january 21st, same day she was to board her flight. she never maid it her body was found near old ancient city walls. 11 people were held in questioning about her death and not clear if a turkish man who exchanged messages with her is among the group taken in for questioning. he was detained yesterday but told released hours later. turkish news report said she made arrangements to met a man but that never happened. turbish authorities are able to tell us how she died but going back and forth about this one man.
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>> when we talk about how she died she suffered stab wounds and we also know that she suffered a head wound according to turkey state run news agency but unclear about the 11 people in custody f. they're held as witnesses or if they are suspects in this case. the driver's license was found near her body and that is speeding up the identification process and she was wearing jewelry and clothing and jeans and jump yer jacket. the staten island mom was supposed to be a trip of a lifetime and instead of memories, her family will bring her body home. the congressman worked with u.s. and turbish authorities throughout the search trying help find the family answers and he released a statement in the wake of the sad news saying, urk u urge turbish officials to identify whomever
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is responsible for the tragic death and assure guilt i parties are pushed to the fullest extent of the law. he urged the community around them to give them thoughts and prayers. >> they were trying to keep the news from the children and saying we hadn't heard from mommy yet . i want to get back to the turbish man she had connection with. what do we know? >> it is someone she met on the internet and planned to ren devous . this a place to take pictures of before she got on the plane . away from where her body was found. she had made contact with him on line identified as taylan. but high was questioned and released earlier this week . authorities have scured the surveillance video trying to track her final and see if she mitt anyone else while
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traveling there and there is international reports her phone was used several times in the days following the disappearance. >> we are reading about this. the number of people picking up for like 6-9 to 11 and this goes on . you will keep us posted. >> absolutely. >> and new information on a dead lie terrorist attack on the u.s. embassy in turk i. a leftist group is claiming responsibility including the identity of the bomber. the 40 year old man spent several years on terrorist charges and he killed a turbish security guard and himself in the attack. the a journalist was wound two other guards were wounded. he was armed with enough to blow up a two story building. >> it is five days and counting and still a little boy in alabama is being held
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hostage in an underground bunker. the man's name is jimmy lee dykes. he said he had blankilates and a electric heater to keep the bunker warm. the sheriff talked about the situation today. >> he aloud us to provide coloring books and medication, toys upon. i want to thank him for taking care of our child. that is very important . >> this all began on tuesday when the vietnam veteran shot and kill would a school bus driver. and it disappeared in the home made bunker. authorities say they are in constant communication with the suspect and talking with him through a ventilation pipe. they are giving few deabout what is being sad. johnon give us the latest. >> yeah, harris, all of the
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counties are in shock because of the events that unfold things that people here would watch on tv . events unfolding in far away places and not their own back yard. you can see the emotions in the photose shot by ricky stokes who is a local photographer who runs his news website and he was on the scene minutes after the shooting of the school bus driver and abduction of a five year old boy . one. neighbors say she is praying for a miracle that god will softin the suspect's heart and let the boy guygo, harris. >> john thown what is the latest on the funeral arrangements. >> the funeral for the bus driver 2:00 local time and central time . the ozark civic center and a venue that can hold 5000 people. they are expecting a huge crowd and there is a ground swell of support for the
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family and the bus driver who stood between the gunmen andparages and trying to protect the kids and ultimately paying with his life, harris. >> why wish for the best for the little boy inside of the bunker., hit hard by hackers this week. we don't have all of the details yet. but twitter, a social media giant is revealing 250,000 accounts were cracked open with e-mail and home address and private pass words. officials say they have reset the stolen pass word and reached out tut users. 250 million people are signed on . a fraction of the accounts were compromised and why have seen a cyber storm take aim on a growing list of media power houses this week. the new york times and washington post and wall street journal reported that
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the computer systems were hacked. they blamed hackers from chin a.ment washington post said it a victim of a sophisticated cyber attack back in 2011 . right now, a famed american university in the center of a clating scandal and students who were spoyced to be some of the brightest on the planet get busted for trying to take a short cut. the punishment they are about to get. justin bieber and tom cruise, they center a lot in common . there is probably one thing they wished they did not share, they are now victims of a cruel prank that we are learning has gone way too far and they're not the only big-name celebrities that are turned into victims. stay put. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok.
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>> new fall out from a heating scandal that rocked harvard. the ivy league school revealed it has sanctions against the 125 students that was caught in the scandal. they will have to with draw from two-four terms. others say it is disciplinary pro. several campus athletes were linked to the scandal but they'll not release their namings. >> it can be criminal and dangerous and making a fake 911 call. there is a name for it in holly wooled. swatting it is it a disturning trend that is a real problem out there. they are sent on wild gooses and to the homes. of some of the biggest homes. some of the swatters are
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sending police to celebrity homes and times like the they are in total. >> it is big tvcelebs and tom cruise and kardisihans otherings. >> the dramatic scene as police swam the home of miley cyrus. it was a hoax triggered by a prank 911 call. and it is including justin beeber and ash ton kutcher. >> it is not fun yepolice are outside of your home, it is it terrifying. >> in california swatting is a drain and poses serious risks. >> if know upon somebody would die we would attempt manslaughter charges. >> and members of the general
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public are swarmed. it will be meaning more than mandatory jail time. >> it is not a game. if you do it and cause you will get mandatory jail time and held responsible. >> it can cost the authorities between 10-15 dollars. >> and the swatters use scipe -- skype. they are not necessarily in the u.s.. the la pd arrested one person involved in the case. he was only 12 years old harris. >> people play look at this and say they're big-time celebrities. that could endanger lives. a real scene could be playing somewhere else. >> the really problem here is an underlying one. what is it.
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>> the root issue is a veil of privacy and attacked to the internet providers and enables people to think they are going to get away with it it is the matter of right layer of oversights and and it is it privacy . we'll find out who is bihind it >> thank you very much. >> a dike gives away with deadly consequences and one community. >> and pictures are playing out. >> and a convicted murder. accidental lie set free. tonight he is back behind bars and we are learning how he sphent his time on the lamebefore tracked him down. something you may have done plenty of times before. [ ship horn blows ]
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>> a convicted killer who was mistakenly set free is back and custody. steven robins serving a sentence after murdering a man intervened in a fight he had with his wife. earlier this week robins answered unrelated drug charges and those charges are dropped years ago. and officials said they lost the paperwork that and he was tracked down and rearrested last night. and he understand high was sitting around. >> and an army post under attack and the taliban
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claiming responsibility. around the world in 80 seconds >> pakistan, just dawn in the northwestern part of the country, militants raiding the camp with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled gren aped and suicide vests and soldiers and civilians murdered . 12 attackers killed and the pakistan taliban said they out the attack. china, a massive dike breach and water gurk out of the reservoir and flowing in a village and flooding home and businesses and factories. one person kill 19 other injured and several roads are closed to traffic. >> west bank. israeli troops firing tear gas at palestinian protestors who hurled rocks as they chanted. the israelis trying to dismantled a series was tents pitched by the activist.
4:26 pm
they are angry . no injuries are reported. russia, marking 70 years since the end of the battle of stalingrade. soldiers marched solemnly and a vintage tank rolled in the city once known as stalingrad. that was one . bloodiest cities and turning point in the world war. >> well, you might know they're going to play a game tomorrow in new orleans. have you heard about this? brian kilirks meades had a preview . breaking word on who is joining the football hall of fame. they announce it right before the big game and it is ground hog day. the guy is going to see the shadow or not . punxsutawney phil 'big moment in the spotlight and remember the movie? bill murray waking toupt song
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>> i am harris falker and this
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is the fox. time now for the top of the news. new york city mom who vanished vacations alone in tirk has been found dead. turbish police finding her body. the 33 year old was in instan bull. her family last heard from her the day she was supposed to return home. police are questioning 11 people in connection with her death . the alabama hostage situation involving a frightened five year old boy held under ground in the bunker is now held in the fifth day. police are staying quite about the actuls and only keeping a line of communication open with the suspect. >> nebraska lieutenant governor resigns. the governor confirming the resignation earlier today saying she broke the public's trust and that had to do with disclosures made in a public disclosure equip. she he had made improper cell
4:32 pm
phone calls to four women, none of them his wife. >> immigration reform has doged washington d.c. for years and the latest attempt takes step forward when the house judiciary committee hommed a series hearingings. they're trying to work to try to turn the deal in an actul deal. >> the bipartisan group of seniors who are writing the immigration reform bill hammered out by next month in march . president obama is saying if they can't figure out the legislative language on their own. he will send his own up to the capitol . it is the president pitched it as a great way for the
4:33 pm
economy. >> and it is the initiate new discoveries and create jobs here in the united states of america. we want to grow our economy and strengthen the middle class. >> until the u.s. border is secured marko rubio didn't think it was good to offer up a new path way to citizen >> i am not in favor of that. what keeps me up is the terrorist coming across the border in the north and stouth . that leads to the possibility. it is it about our sovereignty and immigration. >> democratic shumir is part of the group and said they're working to clearly explain on paper the definition of a secure border so discussion about reform can move forward without confusion.
4:34 pm
harris? >> peter, thank you. from immigration to another tough issue in washington. gun control is front and this is it a picture of the president obama skeet shooting in camp. he goes skeet shooting all . time and understands the concern of gun owners it came out two days before time for president obama to travel to travel to minnesota. the photois not new but taken in august. >> kick off. less than 24 hours away. baltimore ravins and san francisco 49ers getting ready for superbowl 47. fox and friend cohost brian kilmeade. they are calling it harbowl.
4:35 pm
>> and you know it is not in the prompter. i continue came from the hart and that moving. i have covered 17 superbowls and the thing that makes it different it is it really about the family. you have jim and john harbaugh and it is it a scene that didn't work out. they respect each and it is it about the family and not so much about the day but don't forget the mom. >> no one would fight more for us than our mom or teach us how to be there for one another. >> yay, the dad a football coach and pumped up for this . he reminds me and jim the guy playing in the nfl would help his dad out at college as unpaid assistant coach. they will be competing and see
4:36 pm
them go at each other and hung each other at the end. fascinate the mom and dad said we are not going to the winning locker room but the losing locker room. >> what great parentless. that's what they should do. >> new orleans, it is tough. they have been to the superbowl and now they are hosting it >> and in termless of drew breeze. he said it hurts to see them playing in our practice field and using our locker room and they thought they had a chance of doing that. but the city itself are happy. all of america is seeing the thousands coming down that new orleans is back. they'll make 430 million and generate 26 million worth of tax revenue and not focus on the katrina disaster.
4:37 pm
tell be a cost gard for the city harris. >> i have a heart for the nfl. mipe guys are not in. joe flacko and kaepernick, that is a quarterback match up. >> it is it going to be it is so unusual. joe flacko had a small school and said he's good but he is not one of the best. the deeper in the playoffings more confidence . he has wide-receivers that tend to pumdown the ballings. they throttled a team that doesn't blow in leads . they come in underdogs to the 49ers . many people think he is the better player and he's the
4:38 pm
better upside and got the intangible quality and adrian petersen who is it that he thinking will win. >> it is facing each other with two types of quarterbackings. so he wapts reyes lewis and company to win it he was all time rushir and a great up side. that is the game itself. the 49ers seem to be the better all around team. >> there you go . i have been in the bowl before. what leads to the game is more fun and football selection committee is hard working on the saturday. what did they say.
4:39 pm
>> they come out after the nominees and are strong and name the class for 2013 and chris carpeter is in . warren sapp in first time up and johnathon ogden and bill parcels. he won two superbowlings and cowboys and new york jementings. he did not get in right away and bill bilen chick . kelly ripa must be console would. mike strahan doesn't get in. and he is it the all-time single record and put warren sapp who won invisible that is
4:40 pm
it a strunstunner. strahan i am sure will be in there next year. it is the anti-giant bias. now in new orleans. >> i want to know how you really feel. this is just in. >> you are not getting it maria donovan sends love. >> and rg3 gepts offense itch rookie of the year . he got hurt in the end of the season. >> we in the nfl presentings. we have all . information . i know you are into it. it is peyton manning and get a couple of ways against it and adrian petersen and led them to the playoffings.
4:41 pm
rg3 . redskins fans. i saw them walk he just had surgery >> wed outiver . eep in fox news channel am . direct depositing our checkings. >> you take the e-mails and have fun. >> watching the game. >> yeah, okay. >> we'll mutual now back to news. a hasmat engineer - emergency in an air base. we'll let you know what happened and what caused it. >> and the horse we usually see on the road is a mustang and a ferrai . how did these guys get loose and then on the street? [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> we need help message from jesse jackson. he sphoke before leading a march in the park if where a 15 year old honor student was gunned down this week. she was a member of the high school band shot and killed just days after performing after the presidential inauguration. she was talk friends and got caught up in a middle of a gang shooting. they saw 500 murders in 2012 and coming off deadliest january in more than a decade. jackson said there are thingings that need to be done beyond looking at gun laws. reverend jackson a guest at 11:00 a.m.. watch it here on fox news. >> people exposed to some sort
4:46 pm
of chemically balanced in an air force base it is it the top story in the fox trip across america. >> florida. hasmat responding to a air base after a maintenance team experienced chest pains and some were taken to the hospital. they were working on a f-16 jet when they started to have trouble breathing. they suspect a hydrogen leak. california, woah. an old power plant comes crashing down in chula vista and making way for redevelopment of the city water front a 24 christensen public park will replace the plant . oklahoma, the wrong kind of horse power and causing trouble on a busy highway in oklahoma a pair of miniature horses escaping and causing a mess in the morning rush.
4:47 pm
they caught the horses four hours later and that's fox watch in america. drum roll now for the furry creature and word whether spring comes early this year. >> and stoy you faithful, there is no shadow to see an early spring for you and my. -- me. >> star of ground hog punxsutawney phil getting his moment in the sphot - spotlight. he did not see his shadow. she took the summer olympics by the storm. two-time gold medal olympist. i talked to her about how she overcame everything to make it to the top. mmm. it's delicious! another angry-satisfied customer. you don't need toppings! and that is why we're fixing this. hey earth! stop topping triscuit!
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>> here in fox news, we are targeted the program to celebrate black history month. aarp was started by robblinger to stipulate the divorcit in the television news industry. in february we do a sereese of special stories and tonight, one . stories is it inside of the fox report. my bon on one interview with gabe douglas. of the america since returning to the game. she shared her journey through tough times and drive to succeed and how to over come the doubters to bring home olympic gold. >> she takings home goal. ngabby douglas. first africa-american gymist to be the individual all around champion and does it get old? >> never gements old.
4:52 pm
martha, you were not the coach's favorite and then you found an inner thing to take it to the next level. >> it was my e dream to go to the olympics and if i didn't push myself in the gym, i would have so much regret. >> you have a knack for surprising people. >> they say where does she come from. >> virginia beach raised by her mother. gabby and three siblingings were a close knit what they lacked for in money they made up for in emotional support. >> how tough did it get? >> you guys were not even in your home? >> no. >> what happened then. >> two months old and i don't remember and my mom told me stories that we were living in a van . that my motivation. >> at six, her mother scraped enough money to put gabby in a gym nastic's class.
4:53 pm
her talent bloom her drive took over. if she wanted make it to the olympics. she would have to leave home and that meant going to west des moines to work with the coach who helped shawn johnson win olympic gold. >> oh, yeah, this is going to be easy. >> i mean. it not easy. >> what was it like to be there as a person of color? >> it was not different. i am used to the gyms not having many africa-americans and so it was not much of a shock. >> your host family had a joke to poke fun at the fact that life in iowa is different than virginia beach? >> it is it a game calm would punch buggy game. >> yeah, and every time we see a black personal . go black person. >> and i have not heard thav.
4:54 pm
>> you have to turn negativity in a positive thing and make a joke out of it >> what i read and know about you. it was nolt negative it was just different. >> i knew i had a dream to follow and i would not let anyone stop me from accomplishing that dream. >> rapid five i fire fivies. you have met everybody. i saw a picture much you on the cover ofes sense which i bought five of . i could send them out as gifts . the person you would like to met? >> beyonce. >> wow, that was easy. okay . your handle on twilt. >> gabiel doug. >> favorite food? >> surbep. >> sushi, wow. stounds good. favorite pop star. justin bieber? >> no. i will have to go with one driction. >> why do they call you the flying squirrel. >> because i can fly. >> when areich indeed london,
4:55 pm
she flew above the rest. >> it doesn't matter your money or background. it doesn't matter the color of your skin, if you believe and trust yourself and you want to accomplish your dreams you can do it. >> when that doubt creeps in what do you say to yourself? >> i don't give into that stuff. i want to rise above that and i want to say i can do it and i will do it and i show how i do it >> people are pumingalt you. do this and gabby your time to do this. you though in your heart of hearts, what is next for you, what do you want? >> you fun to attend olympic. i am postoked. >> no female gymist competed since 96 and 2000. we'll see the flying squiril in rio in 2016. >> i sure hope so. if alm goes well you will sigh
4:56 pm
a lot more of me. a special thanks to sunburn u burst jirm nasticings and union new jersey for lettingugs take pictures of gabe. i sit down with my colleagues on folks and friends. i will introduce you to captain gail harris who went to be the highest ranking woman u.s. navy it is it our lookalt the american history we all share. >> and now, to a story that is getting a lot of attention in the nation. a puppy in need of a life saving surgery giving away first by its owner and there is so much more to the story. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit.
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i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit.
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